"Best place to buy toe rings, thumb rings and anklets.. I always look for them at fairs and have been a long time customer."
Stacy W.; Pleasant Hill, California

"At Octoberfest festival at Clayton, great selections of toe rings and anklets. My bf and I looked at some and finally decided on the silver Hawaiian looking toe ring with band, and also got an anklet. So happy and great service!!"
Nathalie C.; Walnut Creek, CA

"These guys are TOE amazing! My girlfriends and I had a blast visiting your company at the Rib Cook-off in Reno, Next year, we'll be coming for the toe rings!!"
Courtney S. ; Sparks, NV

"I have had my toe ring for nearly 14 years and I love it. I can wear any shoe without a problem. I am always asked where I purchased my toe rings and I of course
say I purchased it from Ring Around The Toezees. What a wonderful name and such a wonderful company. Thanks again for a great product."
Joanne M.; Lancaster, CA

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